Succes story

One of the success stories at Ananya Trust is that of a boy named at the age of 24 he works at General Electric where he is in charge of maintaining HP printers and handles the printing orders for the GE employees. He was even nominated for the best achievement award for the year 2007.


Nisar had been on the run for most part of his life, ever since the age of 6 years, when he left his parental home in Shimoga, with his brother to find work. He had landed in Bangalore. He recollects that in those days he felt totally free – to do as he pleased. He realized soon enough that he wasn’t really free after all. He lived a life of fear, was at the mercy of the elements – no shelter and he filled his stomach by scavenging and begging. He also took to drugs, that were cheap and easily available. That took care of the hunger, the fear and the loneliness. This phase lasted five years.

He was placed in a remand home until he was 12 years old. But the call of the streets made him run away again. He returned once again to his hometown, where he was expected to also help provide for the family’s income. He worked as a carpenter – underpaid and overworked in unhealthy conditions. Nisar fled once again to Bangalore.

Here, Nisar met Scott, an American who promised to take him out of his mess and to go to the land of plenty… America! It seemed like a dream came true. This was the second turning point of his life. Here he was interacting with an American, learning English and on his way to America! Scott insisted that he stayed in a hostel and go to school regularly, only then would be able to accompany him to America.
Scott, unfortunately had run into problems of his own and the American dream went up in smoke.
This was a major disappointment and instead of driving him back to the streets, he ran again, for the last time back to Ananya Trust from where he had run away several times in the past.

Being in Ananya Trust has changed my whole life. I got the opportunity to study, to learn screen printing, take driving lessons, get my first job at a printing press. Since then life has been a series of successes. I worked as an office assistant in Ananya’s partner organization, Dream a Dream and in KAPS IT Solutions. These experiences have honed my inter- and intra-personal skills. I am a confident person and love taking on challenges in life. I feel I have the freedom to take my own decisions and the responsibility does not feel like a burden any more