Emphasis is laid on self-learning through a creative approach. The open classrooms with an adaptable curriculum caters to the individual needs of the children and study materials are arranged by levels of difficulty and placed within easy reach of the children.

Children learning under canopeees at Ananya Trust

The charter of Ananya Trust is:

  1. Children ASK and the teachers ACT in helping them seek answers through enquiry, exploration and experiment. They are also taught to ACCEPT themselves and one another. Ananya Trust as a learning community is a place where students and teachers alike, are asking, seeking and finding answers to their own questions.
  2. There is no hierachial division of children. The children are grouped according to abilty rather than age.
  3. The focus of education is not only on the academic development, but also on the emotional, social and physical aspects of each child.
  4. Children who are found academically capable appear for the school leaving examination, through the National Institute for Open Schooling as and when they are ready for it.They are not pressurised to do so within a given time-frame.
Children learning in class room at Ananya Trust

A striking and important aspect of Ananya Trust, is that the children spend the weekdays at the school and are required to go home in the weekend which enables them to maintain the family bond. This way the children get acclimatized to the fact that they will one day eventually leave Ananya Trust. This also means getting them used to the idea thinking about what they want to be and what they want to do next. It doesn’t mean agreeing with all of their unattainable dreams (to be movie stars, ballet dancers, hockey players, pilots etc.), but at the same time not crushing them either.

The staff therefore play an extremely vital role in presenting viable alternatives and realistic goals which they can achieve. Roles that they can eventually take up in society which doesn’t involve much reshaping.